More people today are interested in achieving a higher level of health and fitness and are interested in the prevention of disease and injury rather than simply fixing an existing injury. Being at one’s best mentally, physically, and emotionally is the goal of many health-orientated people. Rather than fixing symptoms, people are now striving to develop their physicality. Striving to become stronger and healthier with better balance, flexibility and better mobility is how we get the most of life. Healthfx is a place where we evaluate your physical health and the barriers that stop you from reaching your goals and then to develop a personal improvement plan to get to where you want to be.

Combining the medical health sciences and sport health sciences is how we bridge the gap between human movement, biomechanics, and the injury and aging processes. Our physiotherapists are duel trained in both Physiotherapy and in Kinesiology, in both the health and sport sciences just for this reason. We understand injury, disease, and we understand aging, and the physiological processes involved in these states. We study pathology, inflammation, and the disease process as well as the biomechanics, anatomy of human movement.  In addition, our kinesiology backgrounds allow us to take our practice to another level as we understand physical activity and the biomechanics of athletic movement and function. Expertise in both the medical health science and the sport health sciences allows us to treat your injuries as well as develop your physical fitness, together to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Many people find it difficult to achieve their health related goals in isolation. We found that individuals are more likely to succeed if they have the proper tools, support, guidance and are monitored at their convenience. Our fitness facility was established just for these reasons. It provides our patients with the latest equipment and services to help them reach their fitness goals in a supportive environment. Physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of the body human body, human motion and how to restore that mobility as a result of  illness or disease, or sport, work and accident related injuries.

Corrective Exercises:

  • to rehabilitate back form injury or surgery
  • to correct imbalances in the hip, pelvis, and trunk, neck, and shoulders
  • to develop and train counter movements to repetitive strains
  • to correct biomechanics and ergonomics – lifting and bending, sitting, standing, working, and sleeping
  • to train postures and functional movement mechanics
  • to address core/stabilization strength
  • to develop balance and foot work
  • to develop the strength
  • to develop cardio and endurance fitness
  • to develop joint and soft mobility and flexibility
  • restore fitness required for living a healthy lifestyle
  • return to sport after injury or surgery rehabilitation
  • to develop sport specific stances and functional skills