Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Preventative care are what we do. If pain brings you to Healthfx Physiotherapy, we can treat this effectively and efficiently using a sports medicine approach and at the same time we teach you about the solutions to eliminate symptoms and living well. Physiotherapists are educated to treat a wide range of conditions: Injury, Disease, Pain, Disability Challenges, Aging, Degeneration, Car and Work Accidents, Neurological Conditions, Cardiovascular Conditions, as well as Sports and Occupational Injuries. We encourage you to reduce the risk factors associated with poor health.

However long or short a time you spend at Healthfx Physiotherapy, our focus will be your future and your goals. Many come to us with pain, and we can effectively treat this. However, is not necessary for you to have symptoms in order for us to help you get to where you need to be. If you want to make your physical health a priority, if you are hesitant to go to the gym and start exercising yourself, and if you want a medically focused personal improvement plan, and if you have interested in a high standard of excellence, healthfx is the place for you. We work with your current partitioners, we provide you with video resources to perform your corrective exercises so that you can share with your doctor and or other practitioners and we focus on prevention of disease and injury. With this in mind we ensure that you get the best of each of our staff.