Healthfx Physiotherapy is fully digital, and among the few clinics, to adopt an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform for administering patient care. Traditionally, paper records have been the mainstay for the recording and storage of patient data. EMR systems enable clinics to use computers to perform these tasks and be much more efficient in the way and the number of clinics that are switching is growing.

These systems are the future of healthcare, and Canada’s federal and provincial governments are currently trying to move toward a Canadian wide system, ultimately enabling all health care facilities and practitioners to access relevant patient health related data electronically. This means that each Canadian citizen will have their own electronic medical record.

Why did Healthfx Physiotherapy switch to EMR?

We wanted a more efficient and secure way of recording and storing patient information. Healthfx’s EMR system is called Able Med, one of the first electronic medical and dental software system developed. All of our practitioners can access our patient records, and as such, we all share the same patient information, helping us work as a cohesive team, and in the best interest of our patients’ care.

Are my records secure at Healthfx Physiotherapy?

Much more secure than it ever was when we used paper charts. Paper charts can be lost, damaged, and would be ruined over time. Our electronic records are stored and backedup, using secure storage of data which is password protected. Contrast this to paper charts, which are a tremendous security risk for many reasons.

Who has access to Healthfx Physiotherapy electronic medical records?

Only authorized Healthfx Physiotherapy employees, and you.

Each employee is assigned a username, PIN and security. The authentication is based on a two-factor authentication process. Much like an ATM bank card, users must identify themselves with two unique factors: something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (a provider ID) – providing a higher level of user authentication than reusable passwords. So, access to your patient records, is protected on multiple levels. Your records are backed up and stored in a secured place.  Each healthfx practitioner uses a laptop to enter in patient data either during or after a consultation.