More people today are interested in achieving a higher level of health and fitness and are interested in the prevention of disease and injury rather than simply fixing an existing injury. Being at one’s best mentally, physically, and emotionally is the goal of many health-orientated people. Rather than fixing symptoms, people are now striving to develop their physicality. Striving to become stronger and healthier with better balance, flexibility and better mobility is how we get the most of life. Healthfx is a place where we evaluate your physical health and the barriers that stop you from reaching your goals and then to develop a personal improvement plan to get to where you want to be.

Combining the medical health sciences and sport health sciences is how we bridge the gap between human movement, biomechanics, and the injury and aging processes. Our physiotherapists are duel trained in both Physiotherapy and in Kinesiology, in both the health and sport sciences just for this reason. We understand injury, disease, and we understand aging, and the physiological processes involved in these states. We study pathology, inflammation, and the disease process as well as the biomechanics, anatomy of human movement.  In addition, our kinesiology backgrounds allow us to take our practice to another level as we understand physical activity and the biomechanics of athletic movement and function. Expertise in both the medical health science and the sport health sciences allows us to treat your injuries as well as develop your physical fitness, together to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Over 25 years of thoughtful practice, heathfx has developed strategies that will not only correct your current imbalances and injured state but also to share our experience in physical development as a means to stay physically healthy in a way that you can live your life and perform much better whiteout the frustration of continuously breaking down. being strategic, knowing your goals, assessing and determining the gap, and creating a personal improvement plan that utilizes bench marks to asses your progress. This is a way of life for someone who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Your Goals

  • reduce painimprove mobility and function
  • prevent injury, dysfunction, and imbalances that lead to port function and disease
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • increase strength, endurance, and power
  • increase flexibility, and joint range of motion
  • correct imbalances
  • improve posture and stability
  • improve balance and prevent falls
  • improve ability to perform a specific skill or sport
  • improve core and trunk stability

Our Expertise

  • to evaluate your physical health using a musculoskeletal clinical examination, an orthopaedic assessment and a functional movement screen
  • to analyze and interpret these findings and provide a physiotherapy diagnosis
  • to develop a personal improvement plan with the goal to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be

Your Commitment

  • to make the changes in your lifestyle that are needed to reach your goals
  • to put the time that it takes for you to reach your goals
  • to let others know about your mission so that they can help support you and make you accountable

Our Support

  • to work towards your goals and help you get where you want to be
  • to monitor your progress in such a way that allows you to become self reliant and resiliant

Your Results

  • to determine clinical and functional benchmarks as targets to monitor your progress with repeated evaluation of techniques and strategies being uses
  • to encourage social support by recommending that you safe your goals and progress with family and friends and to seek partnerships in reaching them