Joan Mlynarczyk, Physiotherapist going with Women’s Basketball to Summer Olympic Games in Rio

I am looking forward to another successful summer working with Women’s Basketball in preparing for Rio Olympic Games. This team captured an Olympic birth in 2015 by finishing first at the Fiba Americans Championships hosted in Edmonton. In keeping healthy we use the same techniques at healthfx:

  • we focus on gaining optimal mobility & stability performing basic Functional Movements
  • by loading these movement patterns with resistance and exercise we work to correct any strength imbalances
  • by applying the Meditech Laser technology which is therapeutic light to acute and chronic injuries we work to optimize healing
  • by performing Manual Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Techniques we work to improve joint & soft tissue restrictions

Take a page out of the profile of an Olympian, start by developing good movement patterns and habits in activities of daily living, sleep well, eat well, and structure your day to include exercise and move often.

I will be away from healthfx for short periods of time from May to July before heading over to Rio in late July. If you are looking for answers to your questions and concerns of pain and injury,  healthfx is the place for you. We use a proactive approach to injury and disease prevention and our two very gifted Physiotherapists, Meghan Smith and Keenan Layton, and  Massage Therapist, Patrice Wilson, are currently taking new patients. Call to book an appointment today.   Move often and move well!


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