Booking Process

To book your first appointment with us now, please follow a few steps to Book an appointment Online.

We communicate electronically for the most part, however if you would rather speak to us directly,  you are welcome to call our office at 416-960-4689.

We try to accommodate acute and painful conditions within 24-48 hrs, and for all appointments, we will fit you into our schedule at the earliest convenient time for you.

Visit our What to Expect page for information about your first visit to our clinic. Your initial assessment and treatment session will take 40-80 minutes to complete, depending on your condition. This appointment is allocated to only you and you will meet a number of our professional staff.  It is important to keep this pre-assigned time.  If you are unable to keep this appointed time, we require 48 hours notice — otherwise you will be charged the full hourly rate.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further answers and information about our services.

To bring to your appointment

Bring along any referral letters, scans, or reports that you have from your family doctor or from other consultations.

Bring along a change of clothes; shorts for any lower back or lower extremity problem and sleeveless shirt for any upper extremity problem (females).

Bring along running shoes if it is a lower extremity problem.

Payment for the treatment is required at the end of each session. We accept credit cards (Visa), and debit.

Treatment plans are best booked ahead of time to ensure availability and  to allow us to work around your busy schedule. We can book directly with your assistant and/or if you bring your work schedule, we can book in advance.

When we book an appointment, we reserve time just for you and your physiotherapist. Please provide 48 hours notice if you are not able to take this time. Missing this appointment time without notice or with late notice, the appointment fee will be charged.

The Basics

On the initial visit our goal is to begin an orthopaedic musculoskeletal evaluation and also begin Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Training and or Laser Therapy. This appointment will be approximately 40 minutes and based on the physiotherapists and or massage therapists findings (physiotherapy diagnosis and impression), the patient may meet with another professional or team member who might continue with the assessment, demonstrate and instruct exercises, provide education, and/or treat with manual therapy techniques.

We will also reserve the laser therapy time in case the physiotherapist feels is it beneficial to the patient. Therefore, the initial visit may be anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. After the assessment your practitioner would present their treatment plan and best strategy for the patient goals and needs. It might include clinical visits as well as offsite exercises and other recommendations. It may involve one or two members of our professional team members. Follow up treatment sessions may be 40-60 minutes long depending on the specific treatment plan.

Healthfx Physiotherapist Practitioners  work as a team so that we can leverage the unique and special attributes and skills that each of our professional staff members to bring to you exemplary care.

Patient Interview — Your Story

We begin with an interview where we ask you what you would like to accomplish by attending our clinic and what your specific health goals are. We also obtain a past medical and treatment history and any supporting and relevant medial information that you may have. If your condition is new, our physiotherapists will assess you and provide you with a diagnosis and clinical impression. If your condition is recurrent, both your successful and failed treatment attempts will allow us to create a more accurate diagnosis and strategy for you.

Remember that the best physiotherapist for you is the physiotherapist who helps you get to where you want to be and helps you improve your physical state. The better you are able to describe your goal the better we are able to develop a plan. Ask yourself if you are you simply wanting to reduce pain or if their some specific physical abilities that you are wanting to improve or achieve such as lifting your grandchildren or climbing stairs? The interview is a good time for you to determine if there is a good fit between your practitioners approach and your personal goals.

Physical Examination

Assessment of Key Clinical and Functional Indicators

Based on your interview, a musculosketal assessment is performed by the Practitioner, of Key Clinical Indicators. This physical examination includes a postural and alignment scan, joint range of motion, muscle strength, muscle length, myofascial tension, muscle and joint flexibility, spinal segmental mobility, stabilization strength, using palpation skills, special tests, goniometric measures, dynamometer measures and other physiotherapy measuring strategies.

Based on your interview and clinical findings, and depending on your injury and pain, an assessment of Key Functional Indicators follow. These are age and physical ability appropriate tests which look at your function movements and are used to determine your functional and physical profile. Physiotherapists understand how the human body moves and can assess where your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you are unable to stand on one leg for 30 seconds, you will have difficulty with a number of very specific functional movements that require single legged stance. If you are unable to lower your body into a squat stance, you will have difficulty performing some very basic strength endurance activities such as walking up and stairs and or getting up and down from a chair.

If you can perform the stance well but are unable to move in and out of this stance keeping low then you will not be able to perform physical activities such as playing tennis, or squash, or ski, or play volleyball or badminton or other activities that require a squat stance and movements into or out to this stance. The best way to think about each of these indicators is to visualize a spectrum or continuum of ability. An experienced physiotherapist, will be able to help you focus on the issues that will help you reach your optimal level of health for your age and to your physical profile.


The Individualized treatment / improvement plan and professional recommendations follow, and a plan that comprehensive, occurs in a Blink for an experienced practitioner. The plan may include strategies to modify or eliminate the habits or activities, postures, or exercises in your daily life that are hurting you. It may require physiotherapy sessions to correct the imbalances and restrictions that have lead to your condition, and/or it may be a preventative and maintenance plan with very specific strategies so that you can do the things that you want to do without breaking down and getting injured or hurt. These objectives will be met thru discussions and awareness of some of the physical behaviors that have led to your condition, manual physiotherapy, massage therapy, physical training, corrective exercises, self treatment techniques, or thru other recommendations.

Implementation and Monitoring Progress

This is the phase that is the most difficult as it is where the commitment and discipline begins and it is not easy to change old habits and to train differently or start if you have not in the past. We take your time and your financial commitment very seriously and we work hard to provide you with our most efficient and effective treatment plans.

Healthfx Physiotherapy leverages the unique and special attributes and skills that each of our professional staff members to bring the best care to each patient. We meet weekly on to discuss our progress during a clinical rounds meeting and here we collectively develop and adjust your plan.