Check out this gorgeous night shot from the Canadian Olympic Residence in the Athletes Village Rio 2016.   The athletes village is basically the residence of the majority Olympic Athletes and is secured by armed guards and  helicopters hovering over, tall fences, etc and requires an accreditation pass to come and go.  In Rio, residences were in condominium buildings, some countries occupy a whole building and others shared depending on the delegation size. seriously, this village was a logistical masterpiece, to feed all of the athletes, house them, provide medical care, a place to train and a place to basically mimic their own training environment as best as possible. Training of course continues through out the games and that means there are not only competition venues but also training venues. Of course everything about the Olympics displaces creative excellence, the gardens, the brand of the Olympics, the display of each countries flags and of course the residences themselves displaying their own pride of ownership. The Canadian resistance is beautiful, the Moose stands outside with red muskoka chairs, signage and a wonderful floor to ceiling Mural of the opening ceremonies. The top two floors of our residence is where the support staff lounge ( thats me) and Athletes lounge is as well as an addition fitness centre and meditation room for the athletes with great views of the corridor of green space. The Dinning hall is massive and feeds thousands at any one time.

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