Never doubt that a small group of committed, advancing physiotherapists can change the way you approach and live your life. Our focus is your future and we can help you get there in good health.

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Healthfx Physiotherapy,  founded by 3 time Olympian Physiotherapist and Educator, Joan Mlynarczyk, is a group of Sports Medicine Professionals that focus on the Physical Health, Wellness and the Prevention of injuries and Disease. Providing Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy care for over 25 years.Read More →

What We Do

Physiotherapy, Exercise Prescription, Rehabilitation, Laser Therapy, Preventative strategies and Physical Development are what we do. If pain brings you to MyPhysiotherapist, we can treat this effectively and efficiently and teach you about the causes and solutions to eliminate symptoms. Read More →

Why Us

Physiotherapists undergo a very rigorous process of training and education and can treat a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, cardiorespiratory conditions. Our expertise and understanding of the human body in motion allow us to treat the imbalances that lead to poor physical health and poor physical performance. Read More →

Latest Work

Healthfx Physiotherapy opens it’s doors to Olympic Athletes and as IST Lead and Lead Physiotherapist, Joan Mlynarczyk most recently attended the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  At Healthfx, we want our patients to benefit from these best practices and the enthusiasm of a sports medicine approach. Our latest work is always just minutes ago, as our professionals are devoted to you. We truly love what we do in caring for others. Read More →

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