Healthfx opens it’s doors to Olympic Athletes and as IST Lead and Lead Physiotherapist, Joan Mlynarczyk most recently attended the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  At healthfx, we want our patients to benefit from these best practices and the enthusiasm of a sports medicine approach. Our latest work is always just minutes ago, as our professionals are devoted to you. We truly love what we do in caring for others.

Healthfx is privileged to have had the opportunity to support our Canadian Olympians as they prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. World class athletes, those who strive to reach their highest level of performance, also make it their goal to reach their health potential. Keeping athletes healthy is the top priority amongst Coaches, and Sports Medicine and Science professionals who develop Olympians. Each athlete has what we call and Integrated Support Team (IST), of doctors, physiologists, sport psychologists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and coaches. Having this support is an essential part of the process in developing an Athlete. A reliable and self reliant athlete is one who learns to take care of their own needs and commit to a self improvement plan. Even the most motivated athletes find staining on track difficult and this is why we ask that they focus on the effort not the outcome. We encourage them to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, their physical traits, and their characteristic tendencies so that they can ask for specific help to get themselves were they want to be.   At healthfx we want this roadmap realized for our patients and we understand that everyone has different challenges that limit this process. Learning to change the way we think and act, developing healthy behaviours and patterns for rest and recovery, maintaining good postures, eating well and being active and eating well is on our wish list for you, along with ensuring an caring environment.

It is a daunting task to become and Olympian without proper support from family, friends, coaches, and sport scientists. When you think about what is required for Olympian to become successful, how skilled they need to be in their sport, both tactically, technically; how physically fit they must be and the spectrum of fitness; and how emotionally skilled they need to be, to be  able to train and complete intensely as well as live their own lives outside of the sport. It is a daunting task and one that requires sound goals,  a good plan and appropriate resources. There is alot to be learned by the Olympic Movement and we hope to be able to bring these best practices to our patients.

We know that no matter how motivated you are, how knowledgeable you are, or even how disciplined you may be, people do better when they have a supportive environment, facility, supervision, expertise, and proper support to implement their plan. It is our experience at healthfx, that people do better when they have well defined goals and when they have a partitioner who is committed to these goals. We understand that it is challenging to make changes in your life, especially if you haven’t been on track with your nutrition and fitness and activity for an extended period of time. We all do it to some extent, in one form or another, no one is perfect, and there are things that we can improve in ourselves.

Head coach Allison McNeil during an interview prior to the London Games made an interesting comment, she said “you can’t get to were you can’t see”.  She went ahead and brilliantly cultivated the process of development rather than a focus on results and outcomes. The Canadian Women’s Basketball Team were not suppose to do much at the Olympic games in London but those of us who were on the inside, knew that we would, largely because of the leadership and the key support people in place. It was just one game away from the medal round, and a sense of surprise around the Olympic basketball venue, that we realized this potential. We returned to Canadian soil  as Olympians and everything felt changed thru this experience.  We know now that our goal is to inspired Canadians and the next generation and  we also know what it takes to get to the Podium. Experience is everything. The experience has shaped us and to some extent rewired our brains so that we can do things differently.

Over the last quadrennial, we used slogans and focus words to help us stay on track for London. “Win the Day” became a daily message to each other, it meant to focus on the effort and nothing else. This slogan to help us remember the effort “Its not every four years, its every day for four years”, was worn on the backs of our training jerseys.  We were committed to the process and the effort rather than the results and it paid off.

The key elements of a successful approach to becoming physical prepared for the Olympics is really not any different from the key elements that are required for anyone to reach their healthiest potential.  Well thought out and desired goals, a sound scientific plan, and a supportive environment. This may look different for everyone however the things in common is a commitment to the process.

“Win the Day”, is a slogan that brings us to the here and now with your health. We focus on your goals , the effort, and the things that will get you to were you want to be.