Healthfx, founded by 3 time Olympian Physiotherapist and Educator, Joan Mlynarczyk, is a group of Sports Medicine Professionals that focus on the Physical Health, Wellness and the Prevention of injuries and Disease.  Providing Orthopaedic Sports Injury care, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Training, Physical Development, and Rehabilitation services for over 25 years. We have worked hard to keep our clinic low volume so that we can provide very individualized care. A small group of professionals who are dual trained professionally, in the medial sciences as well as the sport sciences. Our expertise and understanding of the human body in motion allow us to treat and correct the imbalances that lead to poor physical health and poor physical performance. Patients receive a very personalized and exemplary standard of care, the kind that is needed in order to gain a positive treatment. Our modern facility uses state of the art equipment and electronic medical records to bring you the most up to date service.

Imagine seeing your physiotherapist or massage therapist, once assessed and provided a treatment plan of exercises, imagine receiving video support for your exercises so that you can view them over and over again where ever your are. We do this so that you have what you need to be successful without having to worry if you are performing your exercise correctly or not. We do this so that you can share these videos with your doctor or personal trainer or anyone who is also part of your team.

However long or short a time you spend at healthfx, our focus will be your future and your goals. Regardless of your current level of physical activity, healthfx focuses on your potential and your future health. Many come to us with pain, and we can effectively treat this, however, pain and symptoms are not always the best indicator of how you are doing physically. If you want to get on top of your physical health, if need medical support to determine what is safe for you to do, healthfx is the place for you.