Meghan Smith, Physiotherapist, completed her Bachelor of Science Honours in Kinesiology from York University and her Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University. She was a high performance athlete and part of the York University’s women’s soccer team during her undergraduate studies. As a registered Physiotherapist, she has completed her Level I Manual Therapy course work and is almost completed her Level II. She brings her strong orthopaedic skills to healthfx and practices with an emphasis on injury and disease prevention. Meghan also spent several years as a personal trainer and has trained varsity athletes. As a physiotherapist she brings her talents in treating a very diverse population. Meghan understands what if feels like to be inactive due to injury and her expertise in this area has helped develop Olympians. She also brings her strong assessment skills and understanding of musculoskeletal injuries to healthfx, a focus on rehabilitation and a strong commitment to the multidisciplinary approach that we use at healthfx. Her goal as a practitioner is to practice methods that enhance performance and allow efficient recovery.