Healthfx is a group of Sports Medicine Professionals that focus on the Physical Health, Wellness and the Prevention of Injuries and Disease. Our expertise and understanding of the human body in motion allow us to treat and correct the imbalances that lead to poor physical health and poor physical performance. Patients receive a very personalized and high standard of care, the kind that is needed in order to gain a positive treatment.

Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists undergo a very rigorous process of training and education and can treat a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, cardiorespiratory conditions. Rehabilitation Medicine prepares physiotherapists to be able to care for all of the conditions that we see in our clinic, not just those that we are enjoy treating more or that are more common in nature. Experience and education have a lot to do with good decision making and skill and the ability to help you with your problem. Advanced Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Physical Development  are the essential components of our Treatment.