All eyes are on Women’s Basketball

One of the most striking traits about this group of athletes and staff is the tremendous respect that we have for one another. Team sports are definitely a mystery to those scientists who study how best to develop a world-class program. It doesn’t take an expert eye to look at the 12 best teams in the world and see the vastly different physical attributes, shapes, sizes and physical capacities. One cannot look at physique alone, to explain why the gold medal profile of a basketball player. If one believes that body structure relates to function and has anything to do with success in basketball, it is perplexing to say the least. Several months ago I was asked to lead and “put to paper” what will be the first in this country, a basketball development curriculum for our National Teams Program. This Physical curriculum will parallel Canada Basketball’s LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) plan as part of the puzzle currently in place and focused to develop world class basketball players in this country. Sam Gibbs, my colleague in the men’s program and I will be attending these Olympic Games, with a keen interest in “seeking intelligence” on the best practices in the world.  Canadian Women’s Basketball has earned a spot to compete at the most prestigious sporting event in the World and all eyes are on us in this country to figure out, just how we did it. Thousands and thousands of hours of physical and mental training, devoted to the specific physical and psychological demands of the sport. Our Team Psychologist Roger Friesen tells us that we live in four realms, the mental, what we are thinking; the physical, what we are doing; the physiological, what our body is doing; and the emotional, what we are feeling. I vision a 4 legged chair and when in balance, great things happen in our lives. If any one of these areas are not developed, the chair becomes unstable and in some may collapse. The characteristic that this team exudes which is second to none, in my 27 years working with Canada Basketball is respect, commitment, and shear relentlessness in working together to reach a common goal. Coach lead, performance based, and supporting by the Integrated Support Team (IST) this team is heading to London with a very strong foundation to perform from. The feeling is extraordinary respect and commitment towards one another, and that makes us a force to be reckoned with.

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