Sports Therapy in Toronto

When you think about an athletic therapist, or physical therapy in general, you probably picture a doctor who can treat athletes on the field when they injure themselves mid-game. In a clinical setting, you picture them bandaging sprains and strains. But there is much more to athletic physical therapy.

The athletic therapists at Healthfx Physiotherapy are very effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries for any citizen of Toronto because of their background in quick-thinking on-field emergency care—a skill that strengthens the practitioner’s ability to assess quickly and prescribe proper rehabilitation.

Five Domains

The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association defines the domains of practice for an athletic therapist as:

  1. Prevention
  2. Assessment
  3. Intervention
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Reconditioning


Athletic therapists can stop an injury before it even happens. Of course there will always be the possibility of accidents, but if you are educated on strategies and receive conditioning training and postural evaluation, you put yourself in the best position for avoidance. Education is the strongest tool you can possess to keep yourself safe.


Trained to assess on a dime in case of an emergency, athletic therapists are experts at understanding injuries suffered using tried and true practices.

They can quickly determine signs and symptoms of an injury as well as perform the first steps of required treatment.


Often first on the scene when an injury occurs, athletic therapists can provide basic emergency care to recognize and stabilize their clients prior to admission to a hospital. The intervention of a physical therapist can save a client’s life.


While some physical therapy requires a slow and steady pace, the aim of an athletic therapist is to get you back on your feet again so that you can get back in the game. They will never rush you, but apply deep focus and strong goals so you can push at your pace and get back to the shape you were in before suffering an injury.


With reconditioning, the cycle is complete. This is the step taken before you can return to a prevention state. By creating a custom exercise plan, your therapist will help you take the last step to continuing your active life as safely as possible.

Responsible for Your Health

Physical therapists practice professional responsibility. All therapists at Healthfx Physiotherapy adhere to strict health care guidelines when it comes to keeping you safe, but as certified emergency responders, athletic therapists take on additional responsibility.

Your athletic therapist will always promote safe participation and provide their timely care. They will act with honesty and integrity and maintain confidentiality when required. Our athletic therapists are representing you as well as their profession and will always do so with the greatest respect and professionalism.

Whether you live in Toronto or are travelling for a sports career, the therapists at Healthfx Physiotherapy are available for emergency or non-emergency situations.