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Physiotherapy for Bone Health

Bone  is made up of living tissue that constantly changes throughout your life. Osteoblasts are bone building cells, and osteoclasts are cells that remove bone. The bones of the body contain two main types of bone, cortical and trabecular. Cortical bone is compacted and solid, making up the out layer of bone, while trabecular bone is web-like and has cavities forming the inner layer of the bone.   

Importance of Bone Health

Your bones support your entire  body and are vital to its basic functioning. Your bones are always in the process of breaking down and building new. Peak bone mass occurs by abode age 30. 

The most important bone building occurs during adolescence. once you reach your mid-40’s the risk of osteoporosis begins to increase since bone mass is lost at a rate faster than new bone can be built. Bone density loss can result in increased risk for fractures from falls, for posture or poor lifting technique. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce risk factors for osteoporosis, such as a healthy diet, physical activity including weight-bearing and strengthening activities, refraining from smoking and excessive alcohol use, and proper calcium and vitamin D intake. 

Yet some risk factors for osteoporosis are outside our control, such as family history, our genes, gender, age, ethnicity and the necessity of taking medications to treat other health conditions. Women are more likely than men to develop osteoporosis. maintaining bone strength during your youth is beneficial in reducing the chance of developing osteoporosis later in life. 

How Can you Maintain Bone Health

A physically active lifestyle greatly reduces the possibility of bone fractures because exercise is very effective in building bone and muscle mass and in improving balance. 

It is important to include exercise in your routine habitually, rath3r than occasionally. Bone-health exercises, like walking and hiking, are typically also beneficial to other aseptic of health such as cardiovascular health. one way to maintain motivation is to introduce variety to your exercise habits. consider including different methods of bone-health fitness such as balance training, weight-bearing exercises, resistance exercises, and stability training. core stability training and posture stability training are both great ways to maintain bone health. Yoga and pilaties postures may need to be modified for safer body mechanics. 

How Can Physiotherapy Help Bone Health

Healthfx Physiotherapy offers education and exercise programs for bone health and general health. A physically active lifestyle greatly reduces the possibility of bone fractures because exercise is very very effective in building bone and muscle mass. individualized exercise prescription is offered in private one-on-one physiotherapy sessions. physiotherapists are experts in analyzing the need of clients, and we tailor a safe, effective and individualized rehabilitation program to target bone health for you. 

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