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Physical Therapy Care for Cervical Herniated Disc

Physiotherapy care can help provide pain relief for cervical herniated disc problems. 

What is Cervical Disc Herniation?

The discs in our body act as shock absorbers for the spine. When the outer band of a disc breaks or cracks and its inner gel-like substance begin leaking, the surrounding nerves become irritated and the spinal canal is subject to extra pressure. Cervical disc herniation can manifest as either a dull or sharp pain in the back or neck (often felt between the shoulder blades) that travels down to the arms, hands and fingers. Inflammation, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling are common symptoms of cervical disc herniation and tend to intensify over time and are frequently triggered by certain body postures and movements. Cervical disc herniation problems may gradually progress if not identified and treated promptly. A Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists can provide pain relief as well as long-term health solutions.

Causes of Cervical Disc Herniation

The onset of a problem with a herniated disc may go unnoticed until symptoms gradually build up resulting in acute and chronic pain. Sudden movements, overextension, or a twisting of the neck can be the starting point for the condition which may then progress gradually over several months. Several risk factors are associated with cervical disc herniation:

  • Lack of regular exercise, poor nutrition and tobacco use
  • Poor posture including repetitive and incorrect lifting or twisting that puts additional stress on the spine
  • Spinal trauma
  • The aging process: Discs gradually lose their resiliency and dry out over time

Can a Physical Therapist Help With Cervical Herniated Disc?

Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists provide manual therapy and a comprehensive treatment plan for pain relief. Your first appointment will consist of a thorough physical exam and a series of neurological and orthopedic tests. Evaluation of your reflexes, muscle weakness and any loss of sensation will be assessed as part of a thorough diagnostic process. Several physiotherapy treatment options are implemented to treat cervical disc herniation problems including ensuring you maintain the best possible neck posture during or activities of daily living. Your Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapist will provide you with a tailored treatment plan that is developed according to your overall health, activity level and the severity of your pain and may include a combination of manual therapy and exercise. In addition, your physiotherapist will work closely with medical doctors to determine the best course of treatment when developing your treatment plan for cervical herniated disc problems.

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