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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint; it’s formed where the ball at the end of the humerus ( upper arm bone) fits into the socket of the scapula (shoulder blade).

Tension Headaches

Characterized as a dull ache or persistent pain that encompasses the head and typically surrounds the eyes, a tension headache will gradually increase in intensity and may become chronic lasting up to 15 days or more per month.


Chronic pain and other problems related to whiplash injury can make the simplest of tasks difficult to manage and significantly affect your daily functioning.

Sports Injury

Healthfx Physiotherapy physical therapists have a special interest in treating sports-related injuries including soft tissue injuries and muscle strain and sprain.


Healthfx Physiotherapy provides certified, non-invasive and effective physiotherapy care for sciatica at their state-of-the-art clinic.

Pinched Nerve Pain

According to physical therapy sciences, a pinched nerve is the result of a dysfunction of the spine that creates nerve irritation causing severe soreness and pain in the back and neck.

Neck Pain

When even the simplest movements such as turning your head or moving your arms or legs and shoulders results in severe pain or a constant debilitating ache, Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists offer chronic pain relief that not only reduces or eliminates symptoms but encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Myofascial Release

Are you experiencing chronic pain and discomfort from stiff and sore muscles and are looking for relief? Registered Healthfx Physiotherapy physical therapists are trained and experienced to alleviate muscle tension and stress through carefully applied pressure and manipulation of soft tissue that relieves chronic pain and restores optimal physical functioning.

Knee Pain

Minor knee issues may be alleviated with rest and minimal medical intervention, however, chronic knee pain problems can develop into debilitating conditions that make simple daily activities like climbing stairs or taking a walk quite painful and challenging.

Carpel Tunnel

Anyone who has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome is familiar with the debilitating pain that includes tingling, numbness and burning in the hands and wrists.

Back Pain

Whether through stress and strain, injury or accident, most people suffer with back pain in one form or another. When back pain is severe or becomes chronic affecting everyday simple functions such as walking, sitting and standing, physiotherapy care offers an effective and drug-free alternative to eliminating back pain problems at their source.

Cervical Disc Herniation

Physiotherapy care can help provide pain relief for cervical herniated disc problems.

Hip Pain

The hips are one of the most important joints on the human body that allow you to walk, run, jump and, much like the extremely flexible shoulder joint, your hips provide your body with its greatest range of motion.

Elbow and Wrist Pain

If you have pain in your wrist when carrying a bag, turning a doorknob, or experience numbness in your fingers, you may require treatment. Wrist pain can be caused by a sprain, traumatic or overuse injury, or due to a medical condition (ex: arthritis).

Bone Health

Bone is made up of living tissue that constantly changes throughout your life. Osteoblasts are bone building cells, and osteoclasts are cells that remove bone. The bones of the body contain two main types of bone, cortical and trabecular. Cortical bone is compacted and solid, making up the out layer of bone, while trabecular bone is web-like and has cavities forming the inner layer of the bone.

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