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Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

The hips are one of the most important joints on the human body that allow you to walk, run, jump and, much like the extremely flexible shoulder joint, your hips provide your body with its greatest range of motion. For this reason untreated hip and leg pain create hip problems that have serious consequences on your overall health and quality of life. Before resorting to surgery or relying on pain medication, determine the precise source of hip pain with the help of a licensed Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapist. Whether your hip problem is due to illness or injury, tailored physiotherapy care will alleviate pain in addition to providing you with long-lasting health benefits.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Physiotherapy care can be tailored to treat hip pain associated with a range of conditions. Common causes for hip pain can include:

Osteoarthritis & Inflammatory Diseases

When a degenerative condition is the cause of hip pain, joints become inflamed, stiff and painful as a result of continued strain on the hip area over time. Hip problems can also be associated with various inflammatory diseases that include rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or inflammation of the spine. Healthfx Physiotherapy provides effective manual physiotherapy that restore movement in the back and hip. 

Overuse Injury

Constant wear and tear or a specific injury can cause inflammation over time within the hip joint. When affected, the soft tissue of surrounding ligaments creates conditions such as hip bursitis causing the cushions between tendons and muscles to become painful and swollen. Tendinitis, another common condition associated with hip pain occurs when tendons become stressed due to consistent and repetitive movement. A Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapist provides manual therapy to improve and restore hip range of motion and allow for natural healing.

Hip Trauma

More serious than hip pain caused by overuse, hip trauma includes fractures and dislocations of the hip or pelvis that cause a severe strain on surrounding ligaments and muscles. Tailored rehabilitative treatment from a certified Healthfx Physiotherapy physical therapist in conjunction with your surgeon and doctor can provide significant relief and help to restore mobility.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Hip Pain

A licensed Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapist is available to evaluate your personal medical history, conduct a thorough physical examination and design an effective treatment plan to relieve muscle spasms, inflammation and other conditions associated with hip pain. In addition to professional manual physiotherapy, your tailored treatment plan is developed in conjunction with any other health practitioners to include exercise therapy, information on proper posture and stretching exercise that strengthen weakened muscles and address your specific condition.

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