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Physical Therapy Care for Neck Pain

When even the simplest movements such as turning your head or moving your arms or legs and shoulders results in severe pain or a constant debilitating ache, Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists offer chronic pain relief that not only reduces or eliminates symptoms but encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Causes of Neck Pain and How Physical Therapy Care Can Help

As a relatively small area between the head and the torso, the neck consists of a complex system of vertebrae, bones, ligaments and muscles that extend from the skull to the upper part of your body. This intricate structure works in tandem with the nerves in your spinal column and has the important function of supporting your head and keeping the entire physical body aligned. When the small vertebrae in the neck become irritated and imbalanced, mobility is significantly affected and may render you more vulnerable to injury and more serious conditions over time. Licensed Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists provide safe and effective neck and upper back treatments and completely personalized treatment plans that address neck pain at its source. Our advanced physiotherapy care practices are customized to relieve a range of physical problems conditions that manifest as persistent neck pain.

Some causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash
  • Trauma or injury
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive movement and strain
  • Irregularities in bone structure
  • Joint disease and other issues
  • Muscle strain and pulled ligaments

Treat Neck Pain Promptly

Whether your neck pain originates from an impact, accident, or injury of any kind, its source is almost always found in a dysfunction of the spine muscles and joints that causes chronic and severe pain that often worsens over time. In addition, imbalances in the spine cause nerve irritations that lead to increased muscle strain and tension that results in increased discomfort and reduced functioning. Physiotherapy treatment can be of enormous benefit for both symptoms and overall healing of the condition.

Drug-Free Treatment for Neck Pain

Many people simply mask neck pain problems with drugs or medications that may relieve symptoms but do not address the root of the problem. Registered Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists treat the whole person and not just the symptoms with thorough evaluations to correctly diagnose your spine, mid and lower back. Customized physical therapy care plans also include recommendations for improved your general physical fitness and suggest lifestyle modifications in addition to gentle and effective spinal treatment. Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists work closely with doctors to aid in providing safe and effective care that offers lasting relief.

Personalized Physiotherapy Care

Healthfx Physiotherapy physiotherapists work to provide safe, drug-free personalized physiotherapy treatment programs that address your specific issues and offer immediate relief. Persistent neck pain interferes with daily functioning, it can lead to other long-term challenges if left unaddressed.  Healthfx Physiotherapy offers physical therapy care that treats neck pain at its source in the spine and muskuloskeletal system with the goal if providing relief of pain and to improve function.

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