Canadian Residence in the Olympic Village

  This video of our courtyard shows our fabulous location in the Olympic Village. The women’s basketball team shared two town homes, eight athletes and staff in each and with a common area for us to meet and watch the other competitions.   In this video you can see the great space that the Canadian

Beautiful Olympic Village 2012

The Village is really quite beautiful and this clip is one that I took on my way to the main dinning hall this morning.

Game Day vs Brazil

  Our  day started today at 9:00 a.m.with a walk to the main dinning hall for breakfast. Players typically meet in the courtyard and walk over together. Team sports typical move around the village tougher in a group  and it is always fun to see a team walk thru all wearing the same attire. Its

Getting Ready to March in Opening Ceremonies

At 8:15 the entire Canadian Team met in the courtyard and Mark Tewksbury addressed the athletes and talked about his journey as an athlete. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Marks gold medal in Barcelona in 1992.  It has been especially nice for me to see Mark again having met him first as an athlete

Olympic Village

  The Village is as multicultural as you can get. Everywhere you go you will find wonderful displays of flags and banners. As I write this post, I hear athletes speaking with what sounds like a South American voice out side my door . Earlier, just across the way in the next building, as athletes

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