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Fit for Life is an opportunity for you to bring to us your physical goals so that we can design a program for you. It's about sharing your life in a meaningful way with others by staying healthy. Active individuals place greater demands on their bodies and subsequently injuries may occur which may lead to a decline in health and fitness. We encourage you to choose a goal based on something that brings your joy, keeps you healthy, and inspires you to move. Simply keep in mind that movement is exercise and exercise is medicine. It doesn't really matter what you choose, it could be playing with your kids or grandkids, or visiting with friends on a regular basis for an active afternoon. Of course travel is a good one. It could be hitting the gym to get that much needed time away from your busy life to exercise.

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Physical Activity and Pain

Pain often gets in the way of exercising and it is our goal to keep you on the move doing what you love to do and sharing your life with others in a meaningful way. Our physiotherapy assessment is designed to help determine deficiencies in movement and all us to prescribe the proper exercises and if necessary also provide the proper treatment plan so that you will excel in the functional movements required for you to enjoy golf, injury and pain free.

Fitness for Life?

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy level of physical fitness. Having an efficient cardio-vascular system, core stability, good balance and an adequate amount of functional strength, flexibility, agility and coordination are all contributors.

Although we all posses a certain level of fitness, we are typically not aware of our strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly true for healthy and active individuals. Fitness can easily be improved in virtually all of us and it doesn’t necessarily require hours in the gym to do it. All it takes is the right information and guidance.

Fitness is not something that can make or break your golf swing, or perfect your tennis serve or a particular skill per sa, you still have to learn and practice the actual skill in order to execute, however, there are basic human movement skills that each of us should be able to execute well. Walking is an example, so is squatting, going up and down stairs, lunging and basic human movement skills. Physical Fitness, however, can give you a huge advantage when executing any skill, it can also be that critical ingredient that helps someone stay engage in their activity and share wonderful memories with others. That is our goal in our physical assessment.

Physiotherapy for Golf

The fitness exercises shown by your Physiotherapist are designed to help you stay healthy and minimize injury. They are prescriptive meaning that they focus on your deficiencies as determined from your assessment.

Why is it important to prepare your body for Activity?

Yes, the Niki "Just Do It" mindset definitely is part of becoming active but not surprisingly the majority of activity related injuries are non-traumatic and are usually due to poor body positioning. This is good news as this means that proper movement technique and better biomechanics can help you avoid injury.

One part of the body vulnerable to injury with golf for example is the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Some of you might be familiar with the term “Golfers elbow” “repetitive strains “tennis elbow” or Shoulder impingement syndrome, which describes typical overuse injuries to the upper body, shoulders and elbows. Although not limited to golfers, these injuries are caused by repetitive gripping and swinging. Walking for example, has it own set of physical challenges and requires a somewhat different approach to injury prevention.

Repetitive forces in general when applied to the muscles and tendons of the body during activity can lead to inflammation and pain. Speaking from a long history of involvement in sports injury, I believe injury is a part of being active and it is something that we all need to embrace so that we can continue to be engaged in our lives

Another area of the body susceptible to injuries is the neck and back complex. Repetitive activity can lead to Strains and Sprains causing back and neck pain and can then lead to reduced strength and mobility. This is especially so at the beginning of the summer season but also the winter as the beginning of your sport.

How can we help?

Any fitness related exercises shown by your Physiotherapist are designed to help individuals stay healthy and stay engaged in their activity better. They are prescriptive meaning that they focus on your deficiencies as determined from your assessment and based on the most common injured areas for your particular interest and activity.

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