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Fit For Photography?

Fit for Photography is an opportunity for you to bring to us your physical goals so that we can design a program for you . Active individuals place greater demands on their bodies and subsequently injuries may occur which may lead to a decline in health and fitness. If photography is something that you would like to enjoy as long as you can, your shoulder and upper body strength will allow you to hold a camera with better stability, you will want to get down low to the ground to capture the best compositions and you will want to hike with all of your gear.

Now that you are a photographer, you will be engaged in an amazing life of adventure and create your own beautiful photographs. As a wildlife photographer I spend 30 days in the field photographing grizzly bears in northern BC, hiking to elevations where i can capture goats and sheep with a wounded background in the Rocky Mountains and hike thru deep snow to position myself for the best compositions.

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Physical Fitness and Photography

Don’t let pain and discomfort get in the way of doing what you love. Our physiotherapy assessment is designed to help determine deficiencies in movement and allows us to prescribe the proper exercises and treatment plan so that you will excel in the functional movements required for you to enjoy taking photographs, injury and pain free.

Fitness for Photography?

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy level of fitness. Having an efficient cardio-vascular system, core stability, good balance and an adequate amount of functional strength, flexibility, agility and coordination are all contributors.

Although we all posses a certain level of fitness, we are typically not aware of our strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly true for photographers. Most would not think preparing physically for photography is possible. Fitness can easily be improved in virtually all of us and it doesn’t necessarily require hours in the gym to do it. All it takes is the right information and guidance.

Fitness is not something that can make or break your photo taking, you still have to practice and execute proper photography skills…. but fitness can be that critical ingredient that helps someone stay engage in their activity and that is our goal in our assessment.

Physiotherapy for Photography

The fitness exercises shown by your Physiotherapist are designed to help photographers stay healthy and minimize injury. They are prescriptive meaning that they focus on your deficiencies as determined from your assessment.

Why is it important to prepare your body for Photography?

Not surprisingly the majority of activity related injuries are non-traumatic and are usually due to poor body positioning. This is good news as this means that proper movement technique and better biomechanics can help you avoid injury.

One part of the body vulnerable to injury with photographers is the shoulder, neck and and upper back. Some of you might be familiar with the term “postural strains” “repetitive strains “tennis elbow” “golfers elbow” or Shoulder impingement syndrome, which describes typical injuries to the upper body, shoulders and back. Although not limited to photographers, these injuries are caused by repetitive gripping and lifting.

Repetitive forces applied to the muscles and tendons of the upper body can lead to inflammation and pain. It is a common injury in any activity that involves gripping an object like your camera and repetitively changing camera settings, focal length and camera orientation.

Another area of the body susceptible to photography injuries is the neck and back complex. Repetitive and sustained camera position to the eye can lead to Strains and Sprains causing back and neck pain and can then lead to reduced mobility and often pain. This is especially so in photographers who spend hours and hours processing their images and who work on the creative process at a computer.

How can we help?

Any fitness related exercises shown by your Physiotherapist are designed to help photographers stay healthy and stay engaged in their activity better. They are prescriptive meaning that they focus on your deficiencies as determined from your assessment and based on the most common injured areas for photographers. To book an appointment, book and appointment at ———- or Call Us today at (416) 960-4689.

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