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Growth Mindset

Right now the world needs you at your best...and that is a challenge. Don't you agree? There is so much uncertainty and disruption today. Now more than ever a mindset focused on well being is your best defence and the key to showing up at your best in this world. The need to be fitter, healthier, more resilient, ready to help those that you love...we all face these common challenges right now. But you also deserve to have your wellbeing all of the time.  When you think about it, it is a way of life that allows you to perform better, be happier and show up as your best self. Fitness and injury prevention go hand in hand. Everyone's mindset has to be more like athletes, but for the purpose of wellbeing! Those at their very best are focused on prevention through ongoing measurements and monitoring of themselves in consultation with their Physiotherapist and those that support their growth. Book an initial assessment and tell us your goals. Let us help you with fitness, injury prevention, health and well being.

When an elite athlete has a minor discomfort, incident or injury they have their medical team attend to it at the earliest onset by a highly trained physical therapist. The way we see it at Healthfx Physiotherapy to be at low risk and maintain a healthy body, health surveillance, monitoring, and pre-season testing is non-negotiable; which is why we suggest that you seek help from one of our Physical therapists and plan for the upcoming golf or ski season or prepared for travel where you might walk 10,000 or more steps a day.

More about injury prevention?

Injury prevention is more than just physiotherapy. Whilst physiotherapy makes up a component of injury prevention, its only one piece of the puzzle. Traditionally, athletes don't report an injury for days because they are worried about their status on the team and this is also the case with most people. More recently, during the last 10 years and experience with London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we understand that many live with sub clinical conditions which only surface when activity level increase or when exposed to a greater amount stress. Our Physical Therapy sessions are designed to educate and empower you by providing you with tools and techniques to prevent injuries. This can be delivered as a one off session or can be delivered over a set number of weeks.

Some of the proactive programs we deliver are:

  • Functional conditioning
  • Core Stability Program
  • Ship Shape Shoulders Program
  • Recovery from hip or knee surgery
  • Fall or loss of balance program
  • Roll me out Spikey Ball Program

Move Well Move Often

A Functional Movement Screen is a series of standardized tests used to assess an individual's potential risk for sustaining a musculoskeletal disorder. The goal during functional assessments is to capture fundamental and functional movement patterns and can also be useful in exposing weaknesses, imbalances, limitations or asymmetries in an individual. Administered by your physiotherapist who specializes in movement analysis, this information forms the basis for your injury prevention program.

Physiotherapy Solutions

Here at Healthfx Physiotherapy we want everyone who walks thru our doors to be armed with corrective exercises to improve their movement patterns and reduce their risk of injury.

Despite the pandemic risk, individuals are still suffering from preventable injuries. Current research still suggests that early intervention treatment is the single most effective way to minimize or mitigate an acute injury. To support you, we have created a virtual session where we can provide video assisted assessment and treatment as well as Physiotherapy in the privacy of your own home, club or onsite at our clinic.

Making Your First Appointment

Our working landscape has changed and so has the way that we access healthcare systems. As we move into uncharted territory and as individuals do their best to be proactive in the way that they are addressing COVID-19 within their own lives, it's important to remember that our health should always be first and perhaps now more than ever before, is the time that we take charge of our own health and fitness

If you already have an assigned therapist at Healthfx Physiotherapy all you need to do is ask for an appointment for the injury prevention physical therapy program. They will have already assessed your condition and can inform you whether or not you need an additional assessment session in order to perform more functional movement tests From that point on you may decide to do your sessions virtually or if you require manual therapy to attend our physiotherapy clinic.

If you are new to physical therapy, we work closely with your doctor and personal trainers to add

You are always welcome to contact us directly. We ask that you provide us with medical information on your current condition so we can do our best for you!

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