Sports Rehab Physical Therapy

Injuries are common when you are active. Sports therapists have a strong background in sport science as well as in the health sciences and they have experience in treating professional and olympic athletes. We have this experience, providing Physiotherapy to the Toronto Raptors and attending four Olympic Games with Canada Basketball. High performing individuals in general who set the bar high in their everyday lives prefer this focused approach. You can benefit from physical therapy in preparing your body for golf, tennis, skiing, travel, or simply to maintain a high level of fitness and avoid injury.

Active individuals place higher demands on their bodies every day and can benefit from a sports physical therapy approach. High performing individuals have a similar mindset to professional athletes and olympians, their common interest is to have as little down time as possible when injured. They place higher expectations on their recovery progress in general and we refer to these individuals as having the Gold mindset.

Common Sports Injuries

Being active is an important part of our general health and for the prevention of injury and disease. It is also a mindset. Our goal is to bring everyone to a more active state than they were before they came thru out doors. The same goes for exercise in general—it’s great for you, but too much too soon or not being properly prepared or not following a load managing plan for the activity can lead to the possibility of hurting yourself. The good news is that many of these problems are preventable by simply progressing loads of exercise, recovering properly and preparing for the next activity. A good rule of thumb is to Sleep, Eat, Exercise, Recover, and Repeat.

  • Shoulder:
    Tears in the rotator cuff are a common shoulder complaint. A stiff joint limiting mobility is called a “frozen” shoulder and is equally problematic.
  • Elbow:
    The elbow experiences the famous injury dubbed “tennis elbow,” and "golfers elbow",involving a pain in the joint that makes it difficult to grip properly. The elbow can also experience fractures and nerve damage. It is important to receive treatment immediately, as elbows are a prime candidate for injury reoccurrence.
  • Wrist:
    Sports using the wrist such as basketball make you susceptible to injury. Sprains, tendonitis and even arthritis and carpal tunnel can occur. It is best to receive early treatment to catch these before they happen.
  • Hip:
    Your hips can become inflamed, arthritic and strained. This generally happens from overuse and repetitive strain, doing to much too soon after an inactive time. The hip is a part of our trunk and core and inherent to our overall level of fitness.
  • Knee:
    Knee pain is a common complaint in the sports industry. No matter what you’re doing, you’re using your knees. They are susceptible to many injuries including cartilage and ligament, sprains and even arthritis.
  • Ankle:
    Who hasn’t sprained their ankle at some point in their active lifes? Whether you’re running and jumping for a sport, exercise or simply hiking an uneven terrain, ankle injuries are common in every day life.
  • Back:
    The most common complaint in the physical therapy world in general, back pain is a large portion of what sports physical therapists treat work to prevent. Overuse, insufficient stretching sprains and strains can not only cause pain, but long-term conditions such as spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. These are conditions that result in the defect or slippage of the vertebra.
    Back injuries are seen often in sports and is a part of being active.

We’re all Active

Everyone is active in some way throughout their day. Sports rehab physical therapy is not just for Olympians and elite athletes. We use our experience working with Olympians and the Toronto Raptors to work with you.

Don't be mislead, even the most sedentary of lifestyles can lead injury. You might also be a high performing individual in your work life but have trouble finding the time for exercise. Not to mention the risk of having back pain as well as developing other diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, a healthy level of activity is very important for everyone. Through physical therapy, Healthfx Physiotherapy can help you get active in a way that doesn’t result in pain and helps you shed those unwanted extra pounds and feel great. Thats really what we want for you!

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