Saying goodbye to London -Take this opportunity to a proud supporter of Canadian Women’s Basketball

An Olympic games to remember for Canada Basketball. I am proud to have had the opportunity to support these Olympians in London and to witness their development as amazing women and amazing athletes. Rita, Keenan, Meghan, and Patrice, our healthfx  team have also been proud supporters to the team members who have come to healthfx.  The process of preparing a team for the Olympic Games is unlike any athlete development process, and the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team has created history for Women’s Basketball in this Country. The Coaches, Alison, Mike, and Lisa, the entire support team of managers, physicians, therapists and sport scientists, and Canada Basketball;  know what it takes to get this team to the podium and we are ready to get to work on the next quad. Now is the time to invest in Woman’s Basketball  in this Country  and as we begin development for Rio. I personally hope to see many of our 2012 team members return for an even more exciting Olympics, if that is possible, and one that takes these recent lessons learned and best practices forward. Imagine playing on a team with several players who have already experienced an Olympic games and who know what it takes to get to the podium. wow!

Women’s Basketball, just a few weeks ago, was at its dvery best and there is nothing more we can ask as Canadians. With more funding, we can do more, and begin the process to get ready for Rio.  The funding goes to competition opportunities and to sport science services as we reach out to some of the phenomenal young Canadian talent who are on the road to 2016.  You know yourself how much support is needed to train hard every day and keep getting better and better. Athletes are no different in the support they need in order to develop into Olympians. They require sport psychologists, biomechanics, nutritionists, strength and conditioning, coaches, and the range of medical services.  We know that funding and wise expenditures bridge the gap to the podium and we have the leadership in place to make this happen.  This is a great time to invest in Women’s Basketball.

I can’t help but to think about the thousands of Olympians during this time.  During this month of August and September  some 15,000 Olympians are probably spending time recovering and focusing on rebuilding their base, something we refer to as active rest. This month has been a time when Olympians, all over the world may have taken time completely away from their sport, recovering mentally, physically, physiologically, as well as emotionally.  The Olympic Movement is unlike any other athlete development process and these athletes need our support.  I know what it feels like to support Olympians and have done so for 27 years. Funding and supporting Olympic Athletes may be one of the most rewarding things that you do.


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